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 Our Vision & Mission  
  1. To strive for the betterment of under privilised sections of the Indian Society.
  2. To spread awareness about Love of the Country, Secularism, Integrity among the people of the country
  3. To appreciate and cherish the age old values of the Indian Society
  4. To highlight corruption in Public life and take pro-active steps for elimination of corruption in public life
  5. To spread awareness and ensure Govt. schemes and benefits reach the millions of people in the country
  6. To strive for inclusive growth of  all sections of people in the Indian society
  7. To provide avenues for learning life skills in co-ordination and co-operation with Govt. machinery for useful and gainful employment-oriented soft skills at free-of- cost.
  8. To organize training programmes in computer education like MS Office, DTP, Animation, Hardware Training, Accounts Package Courses, Personality Development, Job Interview Techniques, Marketing Skills, Public Relations, Hospitality and Hotel Industry, Call Center Training, Guides for Tourists, Spoken English, etc.
  9. To provide the above training programmes to the educated unemployed youth hailing from tribal & rural areas and youth coming from under-privileged sections of the Society, poor & needy, and unemployed youth in urban areas to make them self-supportive
  10. To organize the above mentioned training programmes through volunteerism with the help of experts in the respective fields on the lines of “Teach India” campaign through Times of India, by enlisting services of like-minded people in the Industry and Educational Institutions.
  11. To ensure transparency in public life with the help of RTI Act
  12. To spread awareness about the benefits of RTI Act and encourage more and more people to derive the benefits under the Act.
  13. To provide suitable training programmes to the uneducated, educated unemployed women and children with special disabilities in tailoring, embroidery, mehindi, manufacturing of candles, agarbathi, addakula stitching, paper bags making etc., to empower them financially to independent and support their families before marriage and support their children and husband/wife after marriage.
  14. To bring awareness about environmental changes and dangers posed to the Earth by organizing Green Campaigns, environmental education in co-ordination with experts in the field of environment protection
  15. To take up a project especially for the welfare of orphans, urchins, street children to provide training in life skills and make them self-employed
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