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In co-ordination, co-operation, and in consultation with the Govt. of India & State Govt. and mother NGOs from India & abroad , the indigenously received funds can be utilized towards the fulfillment of the following aims and objectives:
  1. Providing value based education to the poor and needy children from the very primary levels
  2. Clean sanitation in the slums
  3. Pure drinking water for slum dwellers
  4. Basic medical check ups for poor and needy slum dwellers
  5. Building orphanages, old age homes, care and support and asylum(shelter ) for HIV/full blown cases and rehabilitation to the infected children and families of the HIV affected.
  6. In disasters/ floods/medical emergencies / natural calamities participation voluntarily and collecting old cloths, rice, dolls. Small donations to meet the immediate needs and take part in the relief camps with medical and paramedical staff.
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